Nothing showcases your golf course like our hole by hole flyovers.

What sets our hole by hole flyovers apart from everyone else is very apparent when you see our examples. The acquisition of aerial footage is just the first step in the process. Our productions are fully edited and color corrected to make sure the greens look their best. We add a professional voice over describing the best strategies for a low score, custom, PGA quality graphics depicting hole number, par value, distance and club logo.

Our state-of-the-art octocopter drone outfitted with the Lumix GH4 camera system is the best system currently available for this type of work. The smaller drones are not able to carry the heavier, high-quality camera rig that is necessary to make these shots magical.

Our drone crew of 3 includes our Director of Photography who controls the camera to ensure absolutely gorgeous shots, an experienced, multi-engine rated pilot to fly the drone and a radio equipped spotter.

Not long ago, the only way to acquire good aerial footage was with a helicopter. Drones offer a much more economical solution and can go places that a helicopter simply cannot go. We can also get fantastic high resolution (RAW) aerial photos with our drone.

Call HGP today to find out more about our amazing aerial cinematography services.

Hole by Hole Flyovers

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